Friday, October 22, 2010

The Celestial City - مكة المكرمة

A blessing, this trip to Saudi Arabia was. It gave me the opportunity to perform Oumra, for the first time. Once on the first day I got there, and then once again before I left.

what is with the KFC right outside الحرم ??

first time off I was under the impression that the سعي would always start @ الصفاة and end with المروة , so I walked around 14 times as opposed to 7

A very humbling experience.


Dee said...

aaahhh makkah is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen
did you touch alka'abah ?
its really amazing being there and watching people from all around the world praying and it feels like aldnya lessa b5air.

LorD AymZ said...

you are so right Dee!

it was something else entirely. the most humbling of experiences. to see foreigners speaking arabic, to see a foreign man walking amidst his brethren and بيدعي and they all repeat what he says.

indeed i did, it was soaked in عطر but i didnt touch the black stone, from the right side, they were showing another corner, touched that. smooth as silk.

f3lan, aldnya lessa b5air so long as makkah stands tall

Dee said...

mashallah I wanted touch it so bad but it was so crowded and I couldn't :(

I went there before 2 months and it was my first time and now I really cant wait to go again!!

and the funny thing is when I see the Asian people repeating what their leader is saying, I see myself repeating with them lol

LorD AymZ said...

isa el jayat akthar min el ray7at :D