Thursday, April 29, 2010

Serial Killer from the Deep, The Manson Family Reincarnated

This gives new meaning to the term "Killer Whale".

The unfortunate incident that happened a couple of months ago, saw the death of Dawn Brancheau, a trainer with 16 years experience, at the hands, or rather, fins, of her charge; Tilikum, the killer whale.

This is not the first offense.

In 1991, Tilikum was "reportedly" involved in the death of a female trainer in Canada; Keltie Lee Byrne.

On Feb. 20, 1991, Keltie Lee Byrne fell into a tank at Sealand in Victoria in front of an audience of about 10 visitors. She tried to get out, but Tillikum was one of three orcas — Tillikum, Nootka and Haida were the others — who prevented her. The whales manhandled her for 10 minutes, dragging her underwater as she screamed. Staff and emergency crews finally retrieved her body with a net two hours after she fell in.

19 years later, the modus operandi has not changed;

SeaWorld employee Lynn Shaber, said the whale, Tilikum, was "a possessive animal" and she had therefore known Ms Brancheau was in trouble when she saw her underwater, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office report.

Apparently, there was another victim:

... Tillikum, whose name means "friend" in the Chinook Indian language, has been involved in since moving to Florida. In 1999, a 27-year-old Florida man apparently jumped into the tank to swim with Tillikum and was later found dead, draped over the whale.

The plot thickens further: July 29, 2004: Orca with bloody family history slams its trainer

A killer whale at SeaWorld here repeatedly slammed its trainer underwater during a show, the whale in question; Ky (short for Kayaquet), did not injure his trainer Steve Aibel. It is worth noting that, Ky, is  Tilikum's offspring.

This just goes to show, for all the "wild" pet enthusiasts out there; you can take the lion out of the wild, but you cannot take the wild out of the lion. Or in this case, Killer Whale. Its a clear case of nature vs. nurture.

To recap; Killer Whale involved in deaths of two trainers, in separate, similar incidents (unprovoked) in 1991, and later in 2010. The suspect's "offspring" was involved in an "assault-and-battery" against his trainer.

Now, will science zero-in on some sort of Whale-Murder-Gene? Will Tillukum be brought to justice? Will he be put down, like  a rabid dog that turns on its owners? When will he strike next?

Only time will tell.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The latest Religious Con- The Holy Semen-ite

Israel jails man for 'holy semen' sex abuse

He will be regarded as "a pioneer" in later years, but this is by far the funniest article I have read in a long time.

Now, not only was he getting, free sex, he also demanded payment!

Nissim Aharon, a former employee at the Israeli defence ministry, was convicted of rape, sodomy, indecent acts and aggravated fraudulent acquisition.

Women paid him large sums of money, believing he was a holy rabbi who could heal body and soul, the court said.

"He would give these people different explanations: among others, that a holy scent comes from him, and that his semen is a holy fluid, which by contact could heal body and soul,"

How naive were those women; young and old, to believe that laying with this dude will cleanse them, despite the fact that in Judaism pre-marital sex violates Jewish law - from the laws of modesty through all laws of sexual relations.

An epic fail of gargantuan proportion.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bus Ads

The greatest bus ad in Kuwait I ever did see!

The Greatest Laugh is Inward

I always Enjoy a good laugh; but my latest escapade was directed at an unlikely source:


I was spending the evening near Mubarak Al-Kabir, the Old Souk of Kuwait. It is a magical place at night. Feels like the perfect blend of history and the modern day.

Anyhoo, as I was moseying along; I came across a huge sign before me. I quickly read the arabic text and figured, wow, I wonder what kind of shop has such a huge advertisement for mustaches? (شارب = mustache in arabic!) What kind of products do they sell? Now, please note that a while back some mustache-activist was demanding a tax benefit for those in the USA with upper-lip-fluff. That was probably on my subconscious mind. I rushed forward to check out what this strange shop was and..

Now, in my defense, Sharp is just one of those words that you do not use as often anymore! Its an endangered word, and there is always that P, B ب conundrum. Suffice to say, I had myself a Jeff Foxworthy worthy "you might be a redneck" chuckle at my gullibility.

Fall of the Floppy, Demise of the Disk

How long has it been since our faithful friend made a run on our machines?

A moment of silence for the fallen warrior of the tech battle; the 1.44MB (1.38 after taxes!) Floppy.

And Sony JUST decided to stop selling floppies, as of 2011? What century have they been living in? For the love of Pizza! You can now email yourself WAY more in terms of documents, pictures etc.

I do not know about the rest of the world, but I disconnected my floppy disk drive the minute the internet went mainstream. The minute the word USB was first uttered.

Good move Sony, little too late though.

Giving Credit where Credit is Due

My mind has been preoccupied lately. Ever since stumbling across Kuwaitexposed.

Who would have thought, such intense emotion can come from such a simple website. Actually, blog.

At first; I was furious when I stumbled across it. It seemed to be the underbelly of all that is wrong in Kuwait. Guy posts about how he goes drinking at his chalet and mistakenly calls up his mother; another is basically posting his resume of indescretions that have taken him around the globe. It seemed to be, a site for vice.

Until I wrote a post titled, "what do women want?", the response I received, in my humble opinion, was overwhelming. I was under the impression that chivalry, along with our economy, was in a steady state of decline over the past couple of years. The guy who opens doors and pulls chairs was now put on the side-lines, as a new model was released with a devil-may-cry attitude.

I have to take a laughing break; to some extent, I want what I write to be accurate, so I quickly opened a new window to type up the phrase "devil may cry" attitude, just to make sure it was correct. It then reminded me that I wanted to check out the meaning of the phrase "5 o'clock shadow", which I did. And, as if the fates have ganged up on me to make my "love quest" more obvious, or to have a cruel laugh at me, I found this in the wiki-article:

A study in the U.K. found that women rated men with facial stubble as tough, mature, aggressive, dominant, masculine and as the best romantic partners, either for a fling or a long-term relationship.

Thats one thing on the list of things that women want, that I cannot give, as I am thoroughly lacking in the facial hair department, apart from scattered stubble and side-burns, I have nothing. The most I can hope for is the "ants-on-the-face" look.


There are just so many sub-divisions under the Love-Umbrella, they are difficult to focus on!

I believe the post should have been titled; how to get the woman you want, as opposed to what women want. Mel Gibson proved it in that movie; women's wants, like the sea, are endless. And as business has taught us, wants are unlimited. It is the need that is defined. So, what do women need? Asides from the basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothing etc.?

Contrary to my beliefs, not all women are simply staying at home, awaiting prince charming to ride up on his white steed and whisk her away to a happily ever after; how to create a platform for said woman to meet the right guy?

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What do Women Want? Kuwait Exposed

Kuwait Exposed

I have to admit; I had this site figured out wrong to begin with. And for that, I apologise.

If you take the time to read what the site is about; and not just judge it as being "Kuwait Exposed", its a venue for all forms of thought; be they humorous, general, conundrums, or otherwise.

It is not, as the first glance suggests, an airing of Kuwait's dirty laundry. It is a method for the people of Kuwait to communicate annonymously.

And believe me, I am a believer now!

I recently made a post, titled exactly as the title to this log; the responses were astounding.

Here I thought chivalry was a dying creed, but it turns out, it is stronger than ever before! There are many like-minded individuals as myself, who believe in the core values of love. And it is warming to discover such.

Especially on my birthday! What a gift!

True, there will be some rather, peculiar postings, some are morbid, some are horrid, and some, like mine, are just an insight into the psyche of someone who merely wants to find love. It is not a crime, it is not me being needy, it is a simple fact. Life in Kuwait is tough, as an expat, and its tougher on the singles as well.

Love is a complex, intricately designed enigma. It is a force that can elate, and deflate, the strongest of us all.

To re-quote what I wrote on the website: isn’t it human nature, to have that desire, to love and be loved? Why do I constantly have to consider what to do, what not to do, what she thinks I should do, what she really wants me to do.

We all want love. Love is made up of two things; the desire to love, and to be loved.

Well, we shall see where this leads, it seems as though like in Ghostbusters, there is an ancient river flowing beneath Kuwait, of love, understanding, and kinship.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Retraction: Qatar back-paddle

I have to admit; I jumped the gun on the news regarding Qatar. Apparently, they were merely playing hard-ball with certain countries regarding visa procedures.

An infamous incident happened a few weeks or so ago, when a Qatari diplomat on board a flight in the USA was caught smoking in the bathroom. Upon questioning, he made some sort of reference to terrorism, as he had smuggled a lighter on board, and was detained for questioning.

Its a federal offence to joke on such matters.

Shame. For the article.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

MY EYES! I'll sue you!

Attorneys for Dominica Juliano claim that she was burned and developed psychological problems after a store clerk aimed a hand-held price scanner at her face. Store attorneys say their scanners uses a harmless LED light and that the girl had serious health problems before she was scanned. From the article: "Dominica Juliano was 12 when she and her grandmother entered the Country Fair store in Erie in June 2004. A clerk allegedly called the girl 'grumpy' before flashing his hand-held bar code scanner over her face and telling her to smile. Attorneys for Ms. Juliano and her guardian say the girl was sensitive to light and burned, and later developed post-traumatic stress and Tourette's syndrome."

My favorite type of article; ranting on the ineptitude of the judicial system in the good ol' US of A. Lets review the facts shall we? (I miss Scooby Doo!)

A clerk attempts to brighten the mood of a 12-year by joking with her. Ofcourse, she and her blood-thirsty family, who may or may not be drowning in debt, up to you to conclude, view this as an opportunity for a quick pay-off, and immediately, a schmuck takes the case to court:

They claimed Dominica is sensitive to light, and that she suffered burns to her face and lower eyelashes and, later, severe psychological problems, including post-traumatic stress and Tourette's syndromes.

For those who are not aware, Tourette's is often linked to excessive foul language. This is not a criminal case, but bad parenting. EXTREMELY bad parenting.

The girl was 12 years old 6 years ago; meaning shes a down-on-her-luck 18 year old with nothing better to do, probably uneducated, knocked up, no jo, no probspects, no luck.

Why is it, that every foolhardy imbecile believes they can bilk the judicial system with such outlandish claims? One moron alerted people to this; and I believe it to be the idiot that burnt their tongue on a cup of coffee from McDonalds, got into an accident, and blamed good ol' McD that they didnt put a warning on their cup that the content was hot.

Its coffee. What do you think?

Or the person that walked their dog in the rain, then decided to dry them up... In the microwave.

Personal liability suits are a dime-a-dozen, and I really wonder what else these clowns will come up with.

Stop wasting your money on dead-beat lawyers and WAKE UP! Earn an honest buck and be done with it, and oh yeah, GROW UP!

As always, heres the official article.

Qatar taking the Lead

It may come as a suprise to you, but the world is not only a vampire, as the Smashing Pumpkins put it, the world is also racist. And a super charged racist at that.

Allow me to illustrate.

A few months ago the world was shocked with the scandal of the political assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai. It was dubbed as Tom Clancy's novel come-to-life, or a Robert Ludlum story.

The bare facts are though, Dubai allowed it to happen, by giving preferential treatment at its airports to "Westerners". Meaning a Western national can simply walk into Dubai, and mostly all other Arab states, scotch free, with nothing but a passport, a smile and some spending money. You need not apply for a visa before hand, or waste incredible amounts of time choking in red-tape at Consulates, getting certain papers attested, drawing blood samples, undergoing physical examinations, only to have to go through the same hassle upon coming to said GCC country if you are pursuing a career there, like most Arab nationals have to.

The fact is racism is a huge topic in the Gulf Region. The most reported crimes on this side of the globe are hate related; maids and laborers committing suicide to escape the toils of their everyday life, abuse at the hands of their sponsors, rape of previously mentioned maids and laborers, vehicular deaths, drugs, assault etc.

On the one hand, you can understand their point of view; some Arab nationals would enter a country legally, and then remain after the expiration of their visa to work odd jobs and make money. Its human nature and is common-place all over the world. Look at the USA. I am not sure of the policies they have there regarding vacationers from Mexico and Canada, but I do believe in the words EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. They are not here because they enjoy it, but because they have to. And when was the last time you saw a GCC national cleaning the streets or washing windows? Everything is outsourced! And to some less economically developed countries (politically correct term), their greatest export is LABOR.

You cannot come to Kuwait, as an Arab national, without having a first-degree relationship to someone there; meaning you can only see your parents and your siblings. And you have to apply for a visa for said relative before hand. You can never have your cousins come over for a visit. As long as you are employed by a "kafeel" (sponsor) you remain in the country, the minute you are terminated, you must pack up and go or find employment elsewhere.

Now, however, one country is standing up and saying, No. And that is Qatar. Gone are the days that Westerners can just Waltz in. Do not misunderstand me, I have no qualms with foreigners, I love them, I just hate the way the rest of the people are treated.

So now, you have to pay the piper.

About damn time, now lets hope for some more basic human rights in the region, such as the ability to actually have relatives over for a holiday!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Most dangerous Cities in the World

Does it come as a suprise to anyone that the car in the picture is a Beemer? Even in death, Lebanese people love their BMWs.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Hand of Cop!

Ever since Kuwait had its “traffic awareness” week, I have been feeling the buzz on the streets. Literally!

The growing presence of Police cars in the streets, and the never-ending wailing of their sirens, has become a rather refreshing change.

One always used to wonder where on earth are the cops in this country, whenever you would see someone taking an illegal U-turn, going in reverse on a one way road, double (sometimes triple, quadruple) parked on a busy street to run some sort of errand or other, mostly awaiting food from a nearby fast-food joint etc.

But by far, the worst offense of all, and I am sure you will agree with me on this, are those jerks who believe they are too good, too important and to busy to stand in traffic like everyone else, so they circumvent standing in queue at traffic lights by attempting to cut in from the side, usually at the expense of those people who want to take the “free right” as I like to call it.

People, rejoice, for those days are gone!

Yes, I would never have believed it had I not seen it myself, this morning on Tunis St. The Law begins at the traffic light, where, pleasantly stationed, is a fierce, bearded, brown clad individual with an eagle eye for trouble makers.

As I was driving down the road, it became apparent that people are now aware that the cop stands at the far end near the traffic light, so they pile up a bit earlier, attempting to harangue their way into the third lane going left. (use your imagination and pretend to be birds looking down!)

The cop had other plans. Having spotted two such cars parked behind each other, attempting to force their way into the lane (mind you the traffic light had turned green), he proceeded with cool, calm effort. They had no where to go, cornered like rats, all they could do was wait and look on, he was approaching them and signaling.. for them to go in the opposite direction!

In case you are not familiar with the topography, the traffic light at Tunis St. gives you three options; to make a u-turn and go back towards Beirut St, to go straight and into Jabriya, or finally to turn left and get on the fourth heading towards Salmiya.

The cop forced the two culprits to veer out of their way and take a right, taking them FAR off their intended course, as they would now have to navigate to a farther bridge, wait in line, take a u-turn and get back to where they originally wanted to go.

Today was a great day. I find it amazing that the 5-0 are now permanently stationed in strategic locations.

Law breakers, beware!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

FREEZE! Put down that marker and SLOWLY step away from the desk

Ah, you have to love local law enforcement.

A 12-year old girl was arrested in Queens for doodling on her desk. Handcuffs and all.

Personally, they are setting an example, but whereas on this side of the equator, the parents of the vandal would simply be apologised to, and aknowledge that their child made a mistake, the land of the free believes that a civil suit against the New York City authorities for $1million in damages is the right way to go.

The defendant, Alexa Gonzalez said she was held at a local school precinct for hours in what she calls a traumatising and excessive ordeal.

Her family's lawyer said the school had overreacted by calling the police, and wants to stop this from happening to other young children in the future. Hence the lucrative law-suit.

I'm sure he is worried about the precious psyche of the young children, nevermind his fees and percentage from the $1million payoff he hopes to get. Is it just me, or does EVERYONE in the States have a lawyer?

How is a teacher meant to discipline a child? If she were to smack her palms with a ruler, she'd be torturing her, corporal punishment, and would probably be sent of to Gitmo. She lets the law handle it, and shes blowing it out of proportion. What is the right thing to do?

For the full article, check out BBC.

Another case of black, white and a myriad shades of grey!

OH how I hate GLADS,,

Put down your pitch-forks equal rights activists!
Writers note: GLADS is an original concoction of my own thoughts mind; it stands for Gorilla Left Arm Driving Syndrome. Not to be confused with GLAAD which is the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

It’s a beautiful morning. You are out for a drive. The sun is shining; the music on the radio is relaxing. All of the sudden, your vision wanders toward the car to your right, and it seems as though it has grown a limb from the drivers window, or worse, the driver believes he has dropped something out of the window and is reaching down to pick it up, albeit the car moving and all.

I am speaking out against such moronic actions. Is there really not enough space inside the car that you actually have to stow your whole left arm down the side of your door like some lifeless, limp, pink tubing that got detached from the car? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against leaning your elbow on the door whilst driving, or even the occasional wave motion with the left hand when driving, that’s pretty cool, but to keep your arm dangling outside the car is just reckless.

You can be sure that is the same idiot who will signal with his arm when he wants to change lanes, completely forgetting that cars come with turn signals nowadays.

I just so happened across one of those specimens today; it’s a fairly good snap via mobile cam, but this is not the worst offender. Some are more gorilla-like in their efforts to reduce wind resistance and put their car to a stop for some reason.

Roll up your Windows!

                                The "Oaf"enders left arm Classic case of GLADS

Looking the other Way

"One hand washes the other."  Latin Phrase (Manus Manum Lavet)

Apparently, its not just a phrase, but a way of doing business. The new corporate norm. It does not just stop at favors, but incorporates deeper understandings, and much bigger players at much higher levels.

Many people are familiar with the mega-giant drug company Pfizer, if for nothing other than bringing hope to the hopeless man, in the form of a little blue pill.

Last year, Pfizer expanded its operations by taking over Wyeth, cementing its position as the super-power of the pharmaceutical industry (a move that surprisingly was not questioned by the Sherman anti-trust law against monopolies).

This article which appeared on CNN describes one of the shadier aspects of business, soon to be taught in colleges and universities world-wide; "Pin the tail on the Scape Goat".

The article, cleverly titled "Pfizer too big to Nail", explores the controversy behind one of Pfizers products, Bextra, a painkiller unapproved by the FDA, and how despite this, Pfizer marketed it to "anyone who uses a scalpel for a living."

A manager in Florida e-mailed his sales reps a scripted sales pitch that claimed -- falsely -- that the FDA had given Bextra "a clean bill of health" all the way up to a 40 mg dose, which is twice what the FDA actually said was safe. - source

Why is Pfizer too big to incriminate? The reason behind my writing about it, are you familiar with the health care reform bill?
Why? Because any company convicted of a major health care fraud is automatically excluded from Medicare and Medicaid. Convicting Pfizer on Bextra would prevent the company from billing federal health programs for any of its products. It would be a corporate death sentence.

Prosecutors said that excluding Pfizer would most likely lead to Pfizer's collapse, with collateral consequences: disrupting the flow of Pfizer products to Medicare and Medicaid recipients, causing the loss of jobs including those of Pfizer employees who were not involved in the fraud, and causing significant losses for Pfizer shareholders. - source

Given the latest Health Care Bill, it would seem monumentally erroneous to chop the big red wood that provides health care to the masses.
So, the dilemma here is that, in the face of doing the right thing, you have to consider the consequences, weigh the potential benefits and harms, and make a decision based on that. Nevermind right or wrong, who is being hurt in the process, that is the key question now. Parents, take note, gone are the days where you tell your children to do the right thing regardless, the new norm now is to do what is best for the majority.
Pfizer did not come off scotch free, they were made to shelf out $2.2Bn in criminal fines and civil suits, a loss equivalent to a profit of 3 months...
The main points of the article:
Pfizer and the feds cut a deal. Instead of charging Pfizer with a crime, prosecutors would charge a Pfizer subsidiary, Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. Inc. According to court documents, Pfizer Inc. owns (a) Pharmacia Corp., which owns (b) Pharmacia & Upjohn LLC, which owns (c) Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. LLC, which in turn owns (d) Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. Inc. It is the great-great-grandson of the parent company.

Public records show that the subsidiary was incorporated in Delaware on March 27, 2007, the same day Pfizer lawyers and federal prosecutors agreed that the company would plead guilty in a kickback case against a company Pfizer had acquired a few years earlier.

As a result, Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. Inc., the subsidiary, was excluded from Medicare without ever having sold so much as a single pill. And Pfizer was free to sell its products to federally funded health programs. source

Moral of the story: Don't make friends, find scape goats.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque...

This month, the debut of a new regular on this blog, the funnies City name.

Alot of people were fans of Friends, the TV show that ran for 10 seasons. Die-hard fans would remember in one episode, where Chandler wondered, wouldn't be funny if there were a town in the US called Sample, and at the entrance, you'd have a sign that read "You're In Sample".

Well this month, I decided to give the title to Effingham, Illinois.

Now, the funny thing is, I never would have ran across this fantastically named city, with a population of 12,384 as of 2000, had it not been for the CMA (Certified Management Accounting) course I am studying. There was a sample Management letter from the Management of Krispy Kreme, and they had just opened a new factory in... you guessed it.

Brings to mind that hilarious audio joke file, "The Eff Word"...

For more about Effingham, Illinois.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

In today's obituaries: The Tragic Demise of the English Language

"What we've got here is a failure to communicate!" Cool Hand Luke

No truer words were ever spoken.

It strikes me as the norm that, as society progresses, and technology advances, we tend to use less and less words. Period.

Fr exmpl, u cn undrstnd ths drble, ys? Now, I know it makes sense to use "TxT language" when, say, texting? But when typing? Come on! Are our fingers that riddled with RSI, our thoughts that complex and our schedule that tight, we cannot offer a few extra key-strokes to get the proper words out? It appears to be the chosen language of this generation; the LOL generation.

The reason I bring this up is I remember during my freshman year, a girl handed in an assignment written in, what I like to dub, Net Slang. She did not know the difference between formal and informal! And I am sure she was not the only case.

"We went over there to see their house, which they're thinking of selling."
This sentence, or one equivalent to it, was taught to me during year 3 or so. Grammar! So are people just plain lazy when they write things such as, "their going to need all the help they can get!", or "there house caught on fire!"? Or is this a deeper seeded error of our culture?

It is amazing how poor grammar has been propelled to new heights, now we do not punish the idiots who do misspell, we applaud them, and give them Grammies & Brit Awards! The so called "Role Models" are also embracing this "Fast Food Culture" were we want everything on the go; our nutrition, and our thoughts.

'Nuff said! (oh, did I do that? Faux pas?)

The Clown has gots to GO!

"Yes, i'll have a Big Mac & large fries please."

Not anymore.

Corporate Accountability International, the same group that retired the ol' Joe Camel from Camel Cigarettes, is out for blood. Clown blood. Their target: a face painting, red-afro wearing, yellow over-all donning individual we all know, Ronald McDonald.

Apparently, Ronald, being a clown, and kids having an infatuation with clowns (aren't they supposed to fear them? IT, remember?), means that Ronald is advocating child obesity. And in this health conscientious world, we cannot condone a corporate mascot the likes of Ronald.

Now please, also axe the Colonel, because his Grandad good looks and charm is getting children to indulge in eating greasy chicken. And Tony the Tiger, the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man, Red & Yellow (M'n'Ms), shall I go on?

Corporate mascots are not the reason for this fast-food society we live in. The take-out mentality has been instilled in us as a result of the hectic lives we pretend to lead. We give kids money to go out and "have fun", thats basically allowance for a cinema, a network game, and a fast meal. I'm putting the blame on parents, not the corporations.

Granted, corporations advertise, everywhere. You cannot turn around with finding some reference to some new sandwich somewhere. It is the parents job to instill the values of eating at home in their children. How? BY EATING AT HOME! If the dad is off working, whilst the mother is resting, the child will dine out with friends.

Ever notice how the "healthy" food is always more expensive? The fat free's, the low-cholesterol's, the no-sodium's. The multi-billion dollar food industry will never stop, so we have to take matters into our own hands, and it starts at home.

Upstream Prevention rather than Downstream Correction.

So if you want to blame Ronald for anything, try this, NIGHTMARES! I remember taking my young brother out to McDonalds once, outside they had a plastic life-sized figure of Ronald, so my brother is slapping him and laughing at him, when all the sudden, he looks to his right, and literally starts screaming in fear. For right there on the horizon, a real-life Ronald was walking towards us, with gang in tow. Traumatic..

and heres the link: Group tells Ronald Mcdonald to take a hike