Sunday, April 04, 2010

FREEZE! Put down that marker and SLOWLY step away from the desk

Ah, you have to love local law enforcement.

A 12-year old girl was arrested in Queens for doodling on her desk. Handcuffs and all.

Personally, they are setting an example, but whereas on this side of the equator, the parents of the vandal would simply be apologised to, and aknowledge that their child made a mistake, the land of the free believes that a civil suit against the New York City authorities for $1million in damages is the right way to go.

The defendant, Alexa Gonzalez said she was held at a local school precinct for hours in what she calls a traumatising and excessive ordeal.

Her family's lawyer said the school had overreacted by calling the police, and wants to stop this from happening to other young children in the future. Hence the lucrative law-suit.

I'm sure he is worried about the precious psyche of the young children, nevermind his fees and percentage from the $1million payoff he hopes to get. Is it just me, or does EVERYONE in the States have a lawyer?

How is a teacher meant to discipline a child? If she were to smack her palms with a ruler, she'd be torturing her, corporal punishment, and would probably be sent of to Gitmo. She lets the law handle it, and shes blowing it out of proportion. What is the right thing to do?

For the full article, check out BBC.

Another case of black, white and a myriad shades of grey!

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