Sunday, April 04, 2010

OH how I hate GLADS,,

Put down your pitch-forks equal rights activists!
Writers note: GLADS is an original concoction of my own thoughts mind; it stands for Gorilla Left Arm Driving Syndrome. Not to be confused with GLAAD which is the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

It’s a beautiful morning. You are out for a drive. The sun is shining; the music on the radio is relaxing. All of the sudden, your vision wanders toward the car to your right, and it seems as though it has grown a limb from the drivers window, or worse, the driver believes he has dropped something out of the window and is reaching down to pick it up, albeit the car moving and all.

I am speaking out against such moronic actions. Is there really not enough space inside the car that you actually have to stow your whole left arm down the side of your door like some lifeless, limp, pink tubing that got detached from the car? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against leaning your elbow on the door whilst driving, or even the occasional wave motion with the left hand when driving, that’s pretty cool, but to keep your arm dangling outside the car is just reckless.

You can be sure that is the same idiot who will signal with his arm when he wants to change lanes, completely forgetting that cars come with turn signals nowadays.

I just so happened across one of those specimens today; it’s a fairly good snap via mobile cam, but this is not the worst offender. Some are more gorilla-like in their efforts to reduce wind resistance and put their car to a stop for some reason.

Roll up your Windows!

                                The "Oaf"enders left arm Classic case of GLADS

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