Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Clown has gots to GO!

"Yes, i'll have a Big Mac & large fries please."

Not anymore.

Corporate Accountability International, the same group that retired the ol' Joe Camel from Camel Cigarettes, is out for blood. Clown blood. Their target: a face painting, red-afro wearing, yellow over-all donning individual we all know, Ronald McDonald.

Apparently, Ronald, being a clown, and kids having an infatuation with clowns (aren't they supposed to fear them? IT, remember?), means that Ronald is advocating child obesity. And in this health conscientious world, we cannot condone a corporate mascot the likes of Ronald.

Now please, also axe the Colonel, because his Grandad good looks and charm is getting children to indulge in eating greasy chicken. And Tony the Tiger, the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man, Red & Yellow (M'n'Ms), shall I go on?

Corporate mascots are not the reason for this fast-food society we live in. The take-out mentality has been instilled in us as a result of the hectic lives we pretend to lead. We give kids money to go out and "have fun", thats basically allowance for a cinema, a network game, and a fast meal. I'm putting the blame on parents, not the corporations.

Granted, corporations advertise, everywhere. You cannot turn around with finding some reference to some new sandwich somewhere. It is the parents job to instill the values of eating at home in their children. How? BY EATING AT HOME! If the dad is off working, whilst the mother is resting, the child will dine out with friends.

Ever notice how the "healthy" food is always more expensive? The fat free's, the low-cholesterol's, the no-sodium's. The multi-billion dollar food industry will never stop, so we have to take matters into our own hands, and it starts at home.

Upstream Prevention rather than Downstream Correction.

So if you want to blame Ronald for anything, try this, NIGHTMARES! I remember taking my young brother out to McDonalds once, outside they had a plastic life-sized figure of Ronald, so my brother is slapping him and laughing at him, when all the sudden, he looks to his right, and literally starts screaming in fear. For right there on the horizon, a real-life Ronald was walking towards us, with gang in tow. Traumatic..

and heres the link: Group tells Ronald Mcdonald to take a hike

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