Tuesday, November 02, 2010

November 1st, a day of many Firsts

I look at the calendar now, and realise that the final countdown has begun, 2010 is almost waning, and 2011 is fast approaching, visible on the horizon.

With the impending doom of a new year, comes alot of thought and self-assessment. How has the previous year passed, what have I accomplished, how can I further better myself, how can I be of better use to my fellow humans (and animals!), how have I contributed to helping out the less fortunate?

A magnitude of questions, that can only be answered within.

Yesterday I paid my first (and last I hope!) ever speeding tickets in Kuwait! So exciting! The way in which technology and the internet has made our lives so much easier is just, amazing.

You go to the MOIs website, you go to online services, go to traffic violations, enter your Civil ID number, plate number etc. and you will be shown whether you've been good or naughty this year. If you've been naughty, you can even see where, when and why you were charged. I was doing 103 on the Gulf Road, speed limit was 80, fine of 30KD, and 76 in a 60 zone which I have no idea where, so thats a fine of 20KD.

First things first, denial! I was like, speeding ticket, me? No way! So the first thing I did, the natural impulse of all Audiors, was to look for the audit trail! So I checked my bank statement for the dates of the incidents, must have been shopping related I reckon (thank god for plastic!), then I checked my email to see what was happening on that day, pay close attention to facebook status's etc!

I came up short, didnt find out why those two happened, all I know is it was definately me, both saturdays, both early morning.

But you no longer have to run around the giant complex paying fines at one window, getting a stamp at the next, just go to online payment, enter your card number, and bada-bing-bada-boom, ticket-be-gone! You gotta love the 21st Century!
Also, at rugby practice, I had my first semi-serious neck trauma. First, a guy ran hip first into the side of my head (literally heard my neck cracking), and a while later, another kneed me in the collarbone. Hence I cannot turn my head to the right today :/

No amount of tiger-balm will ease the neck pain, so I'm using Excedrin (its banned in Kuwait now I think coz of the Acetaminophen [sounds like crystal meth right?])

FYI I did not know that tiger balm had a cooling effect! I rubbed it on all over like there was no tomorrow, and was literally shivering in my sleep coz I felt cold, so cold!

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