Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reality TV.. terrible tragedy

It has come to my attention that the current trend in cash-cows around the world is Reality TV.

From the title, you would assume a touch of reality in said shows, however, you would be gravely mistaken.

I am not a fan of reality TV. Some shows are ok, like the talent shows, because you keep getting fresh people every week.

It seems that every idea that can be thought of, no matter how insane or mundane or trivial or inconsequential it is, can be made into a reality TV show.

A few examples:

Verminators: (here)

A reality TV show about exterminators, doing their job.

Queue in YAWN.

The Swan

A TV show that perpetuates the greatest stereotypes in the world, that beauty on the outside is the key to self acceptance. You are basically telling all normal people that, unless you get snipped, tucked, sucked, enlarged etc. you will never love yourself. A very uphill view for all teens struggling with image issues.

Keeping up with the Kardashians

Seriously, how shallow can you get?

House Swap, Wife Swap, The Nanny....

The list is really endless, I can go on forever.

What really annoys me about reality TV is how it continues to attempt to insult my intelligence and the intelligence of everyone out there. Dialogue in these shows is forced, it is not real, its not natural, its put on for show.

The greatest paradox about reality TV is that there is no reality in the TV show whatsoever.

It has people that I do not know, living lives that are not mine, doing things that I will not do, and happily removing all borders of privacy for their 15 minutes of Fame.

OK maybe this was real, and funny, but as you can see:

I would very much rather spend my time watching professional, PAID actors and actresses entertain me and grab my attention,that waste my time watching the average joe's/jane's attempts to squeeze every femto-seconds worth of fame they can.

That is just me.

Again, I agree with some shows, like the Talent Shows etc. But the majority of Reality TV, we can really do without.

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