Monday, June 06, 2011

Chance meetings in the Blogosphere - Blog Cafe aka Better Books

Serendipity - Good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries.

We truly live in a world without borders.

Recently, well, prior to my vacation a weeks ago, I had decided to embark upon an adventure that would take me to the most "hip-&-happening" place to hit the Kuwait scene, right behind Al-Rashed Hospital on Amman St.

Yes, thats right, I'm talking about Better Books Cafe, right here:

Now, I'd originally gone there to meet a friend, and was surprised to run into a friendly face from work, there to toast with the toastmasters, but it seemed the night was young and truly full of surprises.

My first impression was that of a kid in a candy store; so many books, so little time! The facility of reading the books right then and there was previously unheard of, and being served tea or coffee as well... HEAVENLY! Not to mention the nostalgia factor that kicked in when I saw the cushions on the floor (which I strenuously resisted the temptation to relax on), reminiscent of my old school's library.

So, I asked the charming patron of the bookstore-come-cafe if they had an inventory list of all the books they were displaying, as going through them, despite being an adventure in itself, would be a tremendous task! She asked me to leave my email address and they'd get right on it.

(I do not think I will be viewing that list tho; as sifting through the books is like searching for a buried treasure buried in treasure!)

The last surprise of the evening came when I handed over the list with my email added to it to the friendly patron's (I wish I were good with names, I'm sorry!) colleague? Assistant? Business partner? Who was categorising the books and entering them into the database.

Upon inspection she asks, who's email is this? (pointing @ mine), I sheepishly raise my hand. She asks, "you're lordaymz, the blogger?"

Hehe, small world, turns out, she too is a blogger! So it occurred to me to redub the Bookstore Blogosphere Cafe, where bloggers can meet-&-greet, relax and whatnot.

Z, SW, I am hesitant to thank you online for fear of revealing your identity :S suffice to say it was really nice to tie a face to the wonderful writings I read :)

Keep up the great work!

And bloggers, head on over to Blogosphere Cafe for 'inspiration'. For it is literature, in all its kinds, that is both a window into the past, as well as a guiding light toward the future.


purple moonbeam said...

I am so bucked! It was so amazing running into a fellow blogger - especially one whose blog I read :P
No worries about revealing my identity as I've completed my internship and am now holidaying in Europe ;) but thanks a lot for the concern :)
bloggers' cafe - what an awesome idea! I don't know about any other bloggers but the writers behind Q8bookers had dropped in once as well.
lovely review. I feel the same about bookstores - discovered a lovely antiquarian shop in budapest (it was tough lugging my bags onto the train after that); will blog about it soon.
hope you had a good trip!

Sumaiah said...

Seems like a cool place! Can't wait to give it a visit.

Better Books said...

Better Books is so PROUD to be a venue where kindred souls can meet

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