Monday, March 22, 2010

3,,2 ,,1,, LIFT OFF!

Come one, come all, witness the launch of the latest (and soon-to-be greatest!) blog in HIStory! Follow me, the auspicious youth in search of meaning in a crazy world of nonsense and insolence!
Little bit about me, your pilot on this wonderfully bizarre tour of the world through my own two, I'm 23 (goin' on 24 nxt month) dude, employed, single (^^,),workin in q8, been doin so for the past 4 years now (graduated in '06 with a BA in Business Admin),
I call it right down the middle (slightly skewed to the left!)
I'm ambidextrous so u cant call me biased!
Put your seat-belts on, its going to be a bumpy flight!

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