Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Caught Red Handed - Always Trust your Gut

This is a story about how you should always trust what your gut instinct is telling you in a situation, and always try to think atleast 3 steps ahead.

So I was at the gym yesterday, for the past week, and against gym policy, I had been leaving my bag in the locker overnight.

This proved a point that they were lying when they said that all lockers will be inspected and cleaned between the hours of 2~5am.

So, I was wrong, I admit. But it was so much easier! And what is one locker anyway? Ofcourse, if everybody thought like I did, we would have a huge problem.

Yesterday, as I was changing clothes, I noticed that there was an attendant buzzing around in an unusual manner, I thought nothing of it (first gut instinct, should have atleast closed the door to my locker).

He came up behind and he peered inquisitively into the locker, I believe the item that gave me away as an overnighter was the the presence of several metallic hangers (that I brought myself, coz I always go the gym straight after work see, and I'm all in my formal wear, so I must hang it up properly).

So, he turned around, we made eye contact. I knew something was up.

Believing myself to be a detective, I decided to jump ship and change lockers, however, I wasn't smart enough to move far away, I just jumped one locker down.

Had I thought ahead, I would have also locked the original locker as a diversion.

But sadly, I did not.

As I was exiting the gym, I saw the attendant at the front desk. I failed to register my gut instinct at that time telling me something was wrong.

However, I knew something was up.

Today when I got there, the locker I had been occupying was cleared out, and my bag was no where to be found.

I had to take the walk of shame up to the front desk and ask for my bag back, they made me sign something, I refused to sign until they returned my coat hangers, to save face :P

Let that be a lesson to all, always, always, ALWAYS go with your gut!


Anonymous said...

smartly written, funny and... i hope a lesson well learnt.. we always ignore those gut feelings, too sure?


LorD AymZ said...

yes om-hajar, a lesson was learnt, albeit belatedly :P

i was also caught speeding on the 5th ring road, dont get me wrong, im not a speeder per se, it was near the tunnels where the speed limit drops from 120 to 80, i did not know this or i wasnt paying attention to the road signals, anyhoo, long story short, i was slapped with a 40KD fine :/

thank u for tuning in and enjoying the read :)

i promise to keep you entertained ^^,