Thursday, March 17, 2011

Single Guys - aka Pariahs, Lepers of Society

Once upon a time, being single was a great thing. Now, it seems as though the tides have shifted, and single guys are "singled out" as the pariahs of our society, mocked, looked at with scorn, and completely and utterly disregarded.

What compelled me to write this post was a recent invite to a "Desert Party", where the prices were as follows:

Couples 13KD
Stag girl 5KD
Stag guy 15KD

Wait, say that again? Stag guy 15KD? Don't worry, it was changed later i.e. completely removed.

How did this happen? When did society decide to impose a "single" tax on males? Is there no union we can go to protest (pardon the word) this injustice?

The Cinema, everybody loves the cinema, but why is it that seating is segregated, families and bachelors? Why, again, are the bachelors singled out and given the crap-fest seatings (when a movie is sold out), what is it that the cinema-execs are afraid will happen inside if bachelors and families should, heaven forbid, mix? That, in itself, is a ridiculous affair, cinema seats should be on a first come first served basis. But why is it that single girls are treated as families? Or groups of girls? Why the sexist profiling?

Its not just Kuwait, it is a global pandemic. Clubs in Sharm Al-Sheikh are (or rather were) just advertising free entrance for ladies, The Hard Rock Cafe in Nae'ma Bay does not admit single guys - period (I witnessed guys standing outside just asking random women to pretend to be their "dates" so they can get inside"). Pashar has a couples only/ single females policy at the door (that blew my chances of seeing Bob Sinclair last November).

Why so sexist?

Granted, some men are slime, but the rest are out to have a good time!

The Science of Single Guys

Guys will hang around in packs, but "picking up women" is not a group sport, and no one is willing to share. There are two types of guys in the world today, wait, three types: Those that have the girls, those that know how to get the girls, and the average joe who knows one of or neither of these two guys.

It is next to impossible to pick up a lady (notice the use of the term "Lady", not anything else that some guys seem to be on the prowl to pick up) in Kuwait for the noblest of purposes. Sure, you can exchange smiles with strangers etc (at your own risk, I am not condoning this), even the occasional flirt here and there, but in public, for a girl to talk to a stranger, much less a guy, is frowned upon (not taboo in the strictest sense).

You go to parties hosted by private individuals hoping that the change of scenery would increase your odds, but guess what? You are a single guy, you've already been marked as a threat, and will be forced to shelf out more to get there, and when you do get there, guess what? The girl-guy ratio is still lopsided.

I find it very funny how on any website when a girl makes a comment, there are a million and two guys who respond, most, if not all, with the unspoken words of "notice me, notice me!", whereas if a guy were to do the same thing, the response to him would be lukewarm at best.

It is said that in captivity, male hamsters will fight over who gets the female, the finale is always the dominant male castrating the other. Which is in fact, what is happening in the world today (sans the castration part, metaphorically speaking).

I think that, if men respected women more often, as opposed to the sometimes barbaric and downright dangerous and life threatening behavior they sometimes exhibit (Three Words: 2nd Ring Road - aka Love Street), this wouldn't be the case, but alas, what is done is done, and a few deprived individuals have robbed the rest of the populace the chance to mingle (for all the right reasons).

The Single Guy - Ostracised since the beginning of time.

PS my engaged friends are of the opinion that the engagement ring is somewhat of an ice-breaker, and dare I say, a stimulant?

Just sayin'.


Asphodel said...

Yeah sometimes I think its a good time to be a girl... Things seem to be pivoting to the other extreme for us women huh.... It will only last for so long though...

For what its worth, a lot of my single friends ain't happy that those ridiculous rates for stag guys hinders their chances to meet quality men...

LorD AymZ said...

Kuwait needs a speed-dating service, with background checks done on all participants and atleast 3 references from the opposite sex that this person is solid,

good luck getting that done in Kuwait tho, man can dream :)

NoOoNa said...

This is my first time reading your blog and you made me laugh... I always feel sad for single guys at cinemas, the seats are so bad and you'll come out with a twisted neck!!

LorD AymZ said...

hopefully it wont be the last NoOona :)

i know right? this one time i actually said eff it, im booking seats in the family section, i mean,i was goin with my brother, we're family right? then i got cold feet coz i never actually read the disclaimer on the the front page sayin the cinema has the right to deny u admission if u choose seats in an area ur not supposed to be in :P

so i changed cinemas!

keep on readin :D

NoOoNa said...

Yeah, you don't want to be denied admission for that!!! I mean, if it's gonna happen it better be for a "better reason" than seats: p

I've just added your blog to my favorites :)

LorD AymZ said...

i feel so special ^^,

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well, regarding cinema seats.. Imagine one of those awesomes who are clearing their throats & noses in such ways that you wanna throw up or beat them to death/spitting/farting/staring like donkies freely and shamelessly all over KW.. Would you like to sit next to someone like this?
Parties admissions for guys.. Just a business.