Sunday, April 17, 2011

BBPin# Pick-up & Other Flirtation Methods in Kuwait

Alot of peeps who come to Kuwait see wonderous new things that they may have not seen anywhere else in the World (ok I'm stretching the truth to breaking point but just go with me on this); drive-by Baqala's, the Kuwait Towers (I'm trying hard to think of other examples and running low!) etc.

Most amazing however, is the BBPin# Pick-up.

Don't understand what I'm talking about? Heres a visual aid:


I would like to know, how incredibly handsome or filthy rich said person driving car above is, that the mere sight of them by any woman, pedestrian or driver, will prompt them to immediately take out their BB's and send in their flirtations etc. begging for the chance to be the one for him.

Its like the guy is saying, "I cannot be bothered to flirt with you, so here, just take my BBPin# and get in touch me whenever".

Some guys are old fashioned and just put their number on the car.

Theres also the "Red-Light-Ravish", I saw this myself, where a guy would get out of his car at the traffic light, crumple up a piece of paper with his number on it, and toss it into a car with a female driver. Again, "I can't be bothered to flirt right now, just get back to me whenever".

How does a girl even respond to that? "Oh hi, I'm the girl who you gave your number to on the stop light near Marina Mall, how r u? Want to go for coffee sometime? You can come pick me up?" To which the guy would be like, "Woman you already have a car!".

Flirtation is an art lost in the State of Kuwait.

Heres a bit of recent news, doesn't it just kill the romantic in you when you read something like this:

Flirtatious boy hits bottle on girl’s head (TITLE FAIL ARABTIMES, shouldn't you say, Flirtatious boy hits girl on head with bottle? *smh* must be lost in translation)

KUWAIT CITY, April 15: Police are looking for a Kuwaiti youth who struck a girl with a bottle and caused severe injury to the head after she refused to take his phone number at a beach along the Arabian Gulf Street.

Sources said the youth tried in vain to give his mobile number to the girl, so he turned to insult her. However, he became furious and hit the girl with the bottle when she retaliated, and escaped. Paramedics rushed the girl to the Amiri Hospital after passersby reported the incident to the Operations Room, and a case has been registered against the youth.

And since we're on the subject of Cars in Kuwait, take a look at this:

The pick-up truck is already a beast to be reckoned with on the streets, so someone please explain why some people feel it necessary to monster-truck-ify their trucks into the behemoth above? Honestly, what is the driver trying to compensate for, I wonder?


Lost b2amreeka. said...

LOL Loved this post!

1. If you think that car is bad, you should see a picture I took of a Hummer at the Marina Mall light. Remind me to send you it. It's hillarious.

And this happened to me recently; my friend and I were driving peacefully to get juice from Thahya, which of course you gotta pass by "Share3 el7ub" to get to. Well these two guys in a charger follow us. My friend was the one driving, she tried to get rid of them every way possible. Yet they took illegal U-turns, and almost hit 2 cars. They literally would not leave us the hell alone. You've seen me, I have fat cheeks. The passenger in the car kept pinching his cheeks and saying something. And of course my friend, being naturally curious pulled down her window. He was saying "Waai fedait 5doodich, Ma enhidkom until um 5dood (mother of cheeks a.k.a. me) would take my friends number. He yelled the number to us 4 times. Until I pretended to take it and he left. I still have the number memorized in my head, only cuz the guy was such a douche. But yeah, that's generally how it's done. LOL they're all losers. If I had ever contemplated contacting that dumbass I would have probably said "Hey, remember me? Mother of cheeks?" but of course, i'd rather date a goat :P

About that story, that guy is a moron. ghasib she takes his number?

And about the monster truck OMG the one in your picture is tiny compared to the ones I see parked at uni. They're too long to be parked normally so the guys that have these cars park really far away, and in width, like, they park across 3/4 parking spots.

They're making up for a lack of something or another, if you ask me :P LOL

LorD AymZ said...

LOL! someone should tell these guys that size doesnt matter, especially motor-vehicle-ularly speaking!

share3 el7ub, ah yes, i take that road home every day, luckily its inthe afternoon, so the night owls are still perched @ home or in some forest, but daaamn! never heard an actual account froma friend before, its always been the news and hearsay..

heres what i suggest, have someone take ur car down to shar3 el zina (and your friends cars too), beef em up with some monster bumpers, and go crazy on the next guy who says "um 5dood" :P

oooh, u want revenge? sneak into the boys bathroom, scribble his number on the wall and call him soemthing sexy. he'll change his number post-haste!

Lost b2amreeka. said...

OMG LOOOOOL that's hillarious!!! I should definitely do that :P omg the people that would be calling him!!!

LorD AymZ said...

even better; guys bathrooms in those qahwa's, @ uni u'd most probably have decent-to-semi-decent people,

hire some of ur guy pals (like me) to do that, i have no problem :P