Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kuwaiti Maestro - The Opera Man

There once was a show called "Arabs Got Talent", and on this show, this person was revealed to the world as the Kuwaiti Luciano Pavarotti in-the-making.

AbdulRahman Al Mehameid is a talented, inspiring Opera singer, with no venue to properly give him the push he so rightfully deserves. He also sings Khaleeji, but I would be more inclined to attend an Opera Night ass opposed to Khaleeji. Thats just me.

I read somewhere that there are plans in the pipelines to build an Opera house in Kuwait, this would be a project long overdue in a country that wishes to compete with neighboring GCC countries, but clearly has not invested much in terms of Arts, Music and Live Entertainment.

Come on Kuwait!

The reason I write this post at this point in time is because this happened on a tuesday night:

my first celeb-a-stalk experience :P

Despite my invading the privacy of his Dinner, he was very friendly and extremely kind.

I seem to have switched on some sort of celebrity magnet, as just the other day (yesterday infact) I was at the hospital waiting for my results when a woman (don't all stories involve women? :P) walks into the waiting area with what appeared to be an assistant, a maid, and a boy of maybe 1.5~2 years of age. What caught my attention was the scarf around her neck (reddish hair, pale, black dress, high heels), as I found it an odd fashion sense in a hospital of all places.

She took the seat next to me (or behind me depending on how you look at it, the chairs were circular in pattern), so as I was listening away obliviously to my music, a little girl who was being egged on by her sister walks up to this fashionable woman, and I hear her say "I watch you on TV", to which the fashionable femme responds "habibti" and starts kissing and hugging the little girl.

I had no idea who she was tho, and didn't find out.

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Pari said...

It would be good to have a proper opera house here but how popular would it be?
If you watch TV long enough you may find out who she was but would it be worth putting yourself through long hours of television :) though sometimes curiousity does need to be satisfied or it can keep nagging you... alternately google images of tv stars in Kuwait and she may turn up