Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Gulf Bank rant; How I hate E-Gulfbank

So I'm trying to transfer money out of my account with the Gulf Bank to my account with NBK.

Last I checked, local transfers were Free of Charge. I've been transfering from NBK to GBK scotch free for the past 16 months or so.

Not so with these greedy scum.

First off, a while ago NBK upped its security measures and changed all account numbers from 14 or so digits to just 10. Do not ask me why, I do not know, it just happened.

Unfortunately for me, this ploy did not update itself with Gulf Bank, so I had to follow the same boring routine procedure of adding a new beneficiary to my Gulf account.

To those of you who have tried adding beneficiaries in NBK, you will attest that there is nothing simpler. It is as easy as breathing, you log on (hence the term ONLINE banking), add the details of the person you wish to transfer money to (e.g. I have my other account and my moms NBK account as beneficiaries in my NBK account), click a few clicks and presto, it is done.

Could it possibly be the same with Gulf bank, a real ONLINE service?


You log onto your account, opt to add new beneficiary, enter the same details that NBK requires and just when you think you are done and click confirm, Gulf bank throws a curve-ball, you have to call their customer service to ACTIVATE the beneficiary you JUST added.

A needless hurdle to jump over? A monotonous, bureaucratic addition of useless red tape to give the bored customer service some sense of accomplishment? You be the judge.

And then, to add further insult to injury, the questions they ask!
1) Your civil ID no.
2) Your last transaction.
3) The bank you wish to add as a beneficiary (already stated)
4) The name of your beneficiary (already stated)
5) The account number of the beneficiary you wish to add (you already entered this on the form online mind you)
6) Your phone number (also already entered)

And what bugs me the most is, I tried to explain to the witless wonder that, I was merely changing a detail, because NBK changed all account numbers. His response, "please, answer the question".

Much like a quadruped who is taught and does not understand.

Not only do they waste my time with needless procedures, they even charge me for it.

Gulf Bank, suckiest bank in the Middle East.

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MadeInCanarias said...


Wnated to let you know, that I received your other card from Egypt too! Thank you so much! :)