Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Social Experiment: The Blondification of a Mid-Eastern

Yes, I am now using my "official" title of Lord of Sealand in all posts, hark hark :)
I am big on social experiments; I did my stint of 4 years in uni with shoulder length hair, despite it being a cultural taboo of sorts (a morally grey area atleast), suffice to say I heard every possible insult you can imagine on the streets, but that didnt deter me one bit.
The thing is, professors at university would look at me and think I'm some slacker, only to be swayed by my intellect, it just so happens I have an incident to that regard, but I would be drifting off-topic if I were to dwell on it, so back to the matter at hand.
As part of a list I drafted for myself, of 30 things to do before I turn 30 (6 years to go), I decided to bleach my hair blonde.
Decided, Done!
The reactions of everyone who saw me were, priceless, to say the least!
At one point, my friend and I decided to go horse-back riding (this was during my vacation), So we drove to the place and, as I was busy admiring the bustling streets, my friend was trying to procure the steeds, I heard the man tell him, "and if you and your lady friend wish, we can accomodate...".
Lady friend? Where?! Was the guy speaking to someone else next to us? I discovered he was talking about me. And in the end, I got a blonde steed too!
Although, it was cool to always be spoken to in English, as people label you as a foreigner, simply because you have blonde hair.

Now, another funny story before the pictures:
I met up with a friend from university. Initially, this lady was a critic of mine, she gave me a mean nickname during uni due to my long-hair, surprisingly, and unbeknownst to me as to how, we became good friends. During our sit down, she was there with her brother you see and another friend of ours, I explained as to how my hair used to be blonde earlier in the day, her brother asked, were you at Starbucks in "so-&-so" yesterday, at around "so-&-so" time? I said yes, and he told me he was there, interviewing peeps, and I was a hot topic of conversation and ridicule..

Imagine that, 2 generations from the same family, mock me for the same reason!!

I found it quite amusing really :P
Now, a few, select pictures of the Blondification process, followed by the road back to Brune, as my holidays were cut short due to work. As long as I am on my time, I can be as crazy as I want, but when its time to be professional, I can do a quick 180.
Enjoy :)

Part 1: The Blondification of Lord Aymz

New Master Salon; Off the main road into Jabriya, I highly recommend them!

This is how I looked walking in

halfway thru the blondification process

its more orange than blonde, right?

Robocop! You gotta hydrate the follicles
In total, I spent 23KD that night. It was much higher than I anticipated, but, I trust my stylist, and I like his handiwork, alot! I'm mvery peculiar about who trims my hair, and he gets the Aymz Award for always getting it right! Not to mention, free coffee, and on that night, cigarettes (I thought it would be weird for a guy dying his hair to refuse cigarettes, so I accepted one, and it lead to another 3 or 4!).

Part 2: Blonde and Back Again, The return to Brune

Ok, I wanted to do this myself at home, but I read alot of freak stories of people dying blonde hair brune and ending up with green, something about the base of brown being a dye of blue and yellow, and then the blue reacts with the blonde and you end up with Green. So I thought, اترك الخبز لخبازه (an arabic saying which means leave the bread to its baker).

I enjoyed the look halfway through, "Will the real Slim Shady Please Stand up".

And it cost me the equivalent of 3.75KD (the bruning, and shortening), which is roughly what I pay for a hair cut here in Kuwait!

The last picture of my golden locks :(

Eminem, eat your heart out ;)

enter the brune dye

Heres lookin' at you kid.
So, a few questions:
1) which look was better, brune or blonde?
2) which look was better, long or short?


Next Holiday, I'm getting Corn Rows!


DG said...

Um so okay. It doesn't look THAT bad as blonde; but at the same time, doesn't look quite right. So I'd go w/ brunette:p

LorD AymZ said...

long or short? :P

DG said...

Oh, short:p