Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kia killed my iPod

Do you believe in the "evil eye", that someone can jinx u out of the blue?

Well, on my cars maiden voyage to get fuel, the attendant goes, new car? nice, is that an ipod, how much was it? so i told him. that very same afternoon, on my way home from work, i plug my ipod into the car, as I have done countless times before, but this time,  I get an "error reading ipod" message, followed by it crashing and refusing to turn on. No matter how long I hold all the buttons down for.

It just "died".

i was frustrated! i had a lot of errands to run and needed music for sustenance, i went to the bank and cancelled my account there (Finally! Gulf Bank, good riddance!), then headed over to Marina to pick up a pair of glasses.
When I got home I plugged it into my computer. Nothing. No response. The PC *pings* that a USB device was attached, but it doesnt show up. Then it does, but its called drive I, I opened up iTunes and it says iPod Corrupt, attempt restore.

14GB of music down the drain, I thought. So I attempted to restore it, left it overnight, only to wake up to a message that read "restore failed".
I was upset coz that meant i couldnt do any of my weekendly activities, cycling, jogging etc.
I went onto facebook (the source of all communication) and got intouch with the X-cite folks, they said I could bring it in for repairs.
I took it over to their showroom (located in Al-Rai, behind the Nissan showroom) to have it fixed, figured the power must have shorted due to the car or something. to my dismay, when i handed it to the guy, he asked if i got it from their store, I said no (I got it online from Amazon) he goes sorry, we cant fix it.
*Insert slap in the face here*
Luckily, his buddy next to him grabs it, asks me whats wrong, attempts to turn it on and, IT DID! he had miracle hands!
Apparently, Apple Tec is self repairing.
So, as a warning to any who plug their iPods into their cars via the iPod cable, if this ever happens, please do not panick. Simply leave it aside for a few days till the battery drains.
And always use Flash USBs to plug into cars, never anything with a battery. Case-in-Point.
The reason I write this post is coz I tried googling my conundrum and found no similar answers, so this shall be the first.

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