Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kuwait Charity Run - 21K Marathon

To those who attended the 10-K marathon, there was a booth on the side for the 21-K run. It was supposed to be in January, however, it has been postponed to March now.

FYI Facebook group is called "Kuwait 1st Half Marathon Charity Run 2011."

Kuwait Charity Run New Years Message

Runners, Runners

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

Your feet and goodwill the only required gear

At your pace, run this race, join in the fun

March 19th, 2011 Kuwait Charity Run

From Kids-Run, to 10-large, to the very first 21K

All proceeds to Bayt Abdullah on this eventful day!

So readjust your resolutions towards giving and fitness

And run, keep on running, and surely you will witness

That being outdoors and pushing is a satisfactory way

To give back, to challenge yourself, and a way to say...

"Yes, I ran 21 straight kilometers one day!!"

"Cherish your run, Kuwait Charity Run"

Kuwait Charity Run


BeRo0.Q8 said...

Sounds Like Fun... I Just Love Running.. It Gives you A Little Freedom And Doing Something You Love Not Only For Fun But For Charity To0 Sounds Interesting... I'll C what I Can Do On That Day .. :D


LorD AymZ said...

running is great, i go once a week for roughly 12K, i always wonder what the ppl in cars think when they see me touching knees to elbows for side exercise, or when i scream out to get a push to sprint :P

it is the most relaxing sport in the world

the 10k marathon was great, it was nice to see cops smiling for once!

BeRo0.Q8 said...

Yeah That Would Be Cool.. It would Be My First Though ( Joining Marathon ).. ;)