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2011 - In the News

Ok, some of this is not exactly NEW but by golly it is FUNNY.

Gotta love the Arab Times:

What would you do?: A woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, has filed a complaint with the police accusing her husband of deliberately damaging her car and beating her, reports Al-Rai daily.

A police source said this happened when the husband caught a glimpse of the woman driving along the Arabian Gulf Street. She had put on the radio and some youths following her were dancing to the tune of the music inside their vehicles and the wife was looking at them and giggling.

The husband called her on her cell phone but she neglected him and continued driving so he chased her and crashed into her car when she reached the home of her parents in Bayan.

The husband got down from his car and beat her until passersby came to the rescue of the wife and separated the couple.

The couple has been referred to the Rumaithiya Police Station.

Hmm, what would YOU do? Run it from both sides, the husband, and the non-shy wife.

Watchman ‘woos’ maid: Police arrested the watchman of a building for allegedly trying to molest a housemaid in South Surra area. The maid told her sponsor that the man showed his private parts to her and attempted to molest her. The sponsor called police who immediately arrested the watchman and registered a case against him.

So when you moon someone, you show 'em your rear end, what about the twig & berries? Crude, but gets his point across doesn't he?

Maid attempts suicide: A 21-year-old Ethiopian housemaid tried to commit suicide by swallowing a large number of tablets in the house of her sponsor in Saad Al-Abdullah.

Securitymen and paramedics rushed to the scene after receiving a call from the housemaid’s sponsor. They took the woman to Jahra Hospital.

A case was registered and investigations are in progress to determine the actual circumstances that prompted the woman to try to end her own life.

How tragic is it to be still reading news articles such as these, in 2011? When will people realise, it is not an airborne disease that is causing maids to go crazy, it is the treamtent, or rather, maltreatment, at the hands of their inhumane "captors" in this modern-day slavery portrayal.

The Appeals Court upheld the verdict of a lower court which sentenced a Kuwaiti woman to 10 years in jail for killing her housemaid with kitchenware.

Case papers indicate that the woman’s husband stated that she always had quarrels with the maid and that they decided to return the maid back to the domestic personnel office. The husband said he received a call on the day of the incident from his wife who said the maid was not willing to do any work and that a heated argument ensued between her and the maid. He rushed home to see the maid trying to mutter her last words. She breathed her last soon after.

Nothing can undo the death of this poor woman, however, it is good to know that something is being done in Kuwait to combat this. Human rights violations WILL NOT go unpunished.
Girl regular eloper: The girl who was reportedly kidnapped from her house by her bedoun boyfriend is said to have had left the house of her own accord, reports Al-Rai daily quoting security sources.

The sources added investigations conducted by securitymen revealed on three earlier occasions the girl had eloped with the bedoun and she was returned to her family.

The sources also said the couple is believed to be hiding in one of the livestock pens in Kabad. She will be again returned to her family.

Girl must have a barn-yard fetish.

Egyptian Sex Maniac brought to book: KUWAIT CITY, Oct 12: Police have arrested an Egyptian man for luring a Kuwaiti woman to commit immoral act, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

The arrest came when the man was distributing leaflets to residents of Nugra. When he came in contact with the victim he allegedly began to flirt with her and used indecent words.

The woman sought the help of a Syrian woman, her neighbor, and handed the man over to the police.

According to reports the man attempted to escape but the Syrian screamed for help and neighbors wrestled the man to the ground and beat him.

Ok, how exactly is he a sex maniac for flirting with a woman? Way to blow a story out of proportion AT. Another FAIL.

Meanwhile, police are looking for an unidentified person for flirting with an unidentified woman while the latter was waiting for her husband, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

How helpful, an identified person (male, female, child?) flirted with an unidentified woman... perhaps you should IDENTIFY them first before writing about it!

It has been reported the woman was waiting for her husband who had gone shopping and the suspect approached her car and tried to attract her attention. When she refused his ‘advances’ he allegedly opened the door of the car and threw a piece of paper in the car with his telephone numbers written on it. The wife gave the paper to her husband and the latter filed a complaint with the Jahra Police Station.

Lover runs away naked on the road: A young Ethiopian woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, has been arrested by police for drinking alcohol, running naked on a road and having sex with a married man, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to reports the woman was picked by a police patrol. The woman was naked and patrolmen gave her cloth to cover her body and at first thought she was mad. When she was taken to the police station, police discovered she was drunk.

However, when she became sober she told police she was having sex with an unidentified man inside his apartment in the area and when the man’s wife caught him red-handed having sex, she threw both of them out of the apartment.

She added she was frightened the wife would harm her and ran for her life. Police are looking for the husband. Police investigations are continuing.


Securitymen arrested 16 expatriates for violating the Residency Law and for their involvement in various crimes in Hawalli and Salmiya Sunday.

During a surprise security campaign launched in both areas, the securitymen rounded up 16 expatriates with expired residence permits and others wanted by law for their involvement in different crimes.

They were referred to the concerned security department for the prosecution.

Like the cops are supposed to advertise that "we are going to be checking for illegals HERE @ SAID TIME?
I just got a mental image of illegals walking in the streets, coming by a big box, and the cops jump out and yell SURPRISE! show us some IDs!

And, Last but not least, the Piece De Resistance:

Girl beaten in mall: A girl has filed a complaint against two cross-dressers who allegedly attacked her inside a famous mall in Hawally.

The girl told police she had an argument with the suspects who assaulted her. She presented a medical report to substantiate her claim and police summoned the suspects for questioning.

A case was registered and investigations are ongoing to verify the girl’s complaint.

Cross-dressers are back, and they're not gonna take it anymore!


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