Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Target Niche - to become Kuwaits Sports & Activities Blog

Last thursday I had the pleasure of receiving a tour of The 3 Club's facility in Shuwaikh, which inspired me to take the initiative to focus this blog onto more sports related activities regarding Kuwait.

1) What I saw @ The 3 Club
The 3 Club is part of Extreme Sports. At their new premises located in Shuwaikh's Al-Tilal Center, the vast space is put to good use, as an area is sectioned off for The 3 Club members (who enjoy a 15% discount on all items at Extreme Sports)

AL-Tilal Complex, Shuwaikh

Phone: 25755898/ 22254567

You can get in touch with the co-founder Rabaa Al-Hajri via:

Extreme Sports is the one-stop shop for all cyclists
they even offer tailored bikes, as in to your specifications!
(I only recently found out about bikes being correct sizes)

What does The 3 Club offer?
If ever there was a case of you reap what you sow, this is it. The 3 Club is built on YOUR goals, and alligning those goals to their vision. It is a lifetime commitment to being healthy, as you are not partaking in one, or two, but three physical sports that challenge both the mind as well as the body.

Upon registration, your measurements are taken (some medical tests are required prior to screening) and recorded for historical purposes, much like "The Biggest Loser" (which I referenced, and Rabaa rebutted), it gives you the ability to map your progress and transformation. And transform you shall.

Not only are you supervised in each activity by a licensed professional from abroad, but you are also suggested a foot regiment based on your daily intake (none of that 0.5grams of cheese nonsense; real quantities that you can follow) that will help you achieve your target.

All classes are capped at 25 persons, to ensure that each person is properly attended to during sessions.

This requires a commitment as the group has morning meetings during the week, as in early morning, for runs etc. Time management is a trait you will adopt, free-of-charge!

One of their most nifty gadgets that really caught my attention was the tread-cycler (I will call it that as I do not know its proper name).

What it is; a brace for the backwheel of your street bike (thin tyres), it comes in two forms: basic and complex. Basic runs about 148KD, whilst complex is 248KD.


With the complex brace, you can plug it into your PC, and upon purchasing special DVDs available at the store (16KDish), you can virutally partake in any of the international cycling races such as the Tour de France etc. With the tread-cycler mimicing terrain and resistance to give you the feeling of being right there (now imagine this coupled with a big-screen TV, and you have your daily workouts!)

Plus, Extreme Sports is the place to go to sign up for this The Kuwait Charity Run

(I really wish they'd change that marsupial, it looks like its, well, pooping out the title!)

Lead by the appropriated monikered "Kuwait's Fitness Warrior" Yousef Al-Qanai, who shall partake in the Marathon De Sables, a six day marathon across the Sahara Desert in Morocco. He's also spending his tuesday evenings helping make the Populace here a little bit more active.

Third; Gaelic Football.

A new sport being brought to Kuwait, which combines all of the following sports into one neat package: football, basketball, handball, rugby.

Don't believe me? Watch this:

The group, newly formed (2 weeks old so far) meets every friday from 2 ~ 3 at the Kuwait University Football pitch on their Shuwaikh campus. The sport is A LOT of fun, and very worthwhile in terms of fitness.

After the gaelic football finishes at 3, another group take over the pitch and play regular football, everyone is welcome to that too.

I want my blog to be dedicated to such similar activities and events.

I want to be The Sports/ Activities page of Kuwait; not so much a reviewer of stuff like local football/ basketball matches, but a source for all the sports-inclined to check in with to find out how to occupy themselves from a fitness perspective.

Thats my Goal :)


Anonymous said...

u're definitely becoming that to me.

i wish if u could have more about the women sports as well.

om hajar

LorD AymZ said...

ask and ye shall receive, i shall double my efforts to find sports favored for the femmes as well as the gents :)