Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hotmail sending out Spam? Heres how to DEAL with it!

A How-To guide in removing Hotmail Adware, brought to you by Lord Aymz:

(if you found this post useful, and effective in ridding you of Hotmail's problem, say so please ;D)

Is this email familiar, or many like it, in numerous languages or for various purposes?

From: -------@hotmail.com

Subject: RE:hi

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 09:34:56 +0000

Hey, how are you doing ?

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If so, then you have been adware-ised. I can link it to addition of "unscrupulous" unkown individuals on MSN (guys, if some unkown chick adds you on MSN Messenger, it could be a virus; or worse, a BOT, trust me :P). Once they gain access to your MSN Messenger, from there they can easily get your password (if you set your MSN to "remember password").
So, what to do in this crappy situation?
First of all; damage control.
The email will be sent to ALL your contacts, everyone you ever sent an email to. And if they follow the link, boom, they are infected to. A nation of PC Zombies.
This adware, its not really a virus as it does not destroy your computer or corrupt your files, it just uses it for nefarious purposes, is smart. It penetrates deep into your e-mail and even adjusts your "on holiday" response, your signature, the whole enchilada. Start by re-setting these to their defaults.
Step 2; Scan your PC via Housecall Online Scan
Step 3; Remove any and all infections found (duh!)

Step 4; Go back to your inbox, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD

trust me, I hated this too, I've had my password ever since I opened my account, but, alas, I was stupid, and I am paying the price for my stupidity.

Step 5; Disable "remember my password" on MSN Messenger

And bada-bing, your adware free :)

Before following any link, anywhere, whether its sent to your email, your mobile, or even posted on your facebook wall, ask yourself this question: Does my friend who sent me this, or posted this to my wall, really talk like that? The emails sound forced, and are generated by BOTS.

With that simple question, you will spare yourself alot of hassle.
And also, Please do NOT email the emails mentioned in italic :D

Just in Case; coz I once sent out a joke email called "Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes" and some people thought it was REAL)

Don't believe me? Here it is:

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