Monday, January 17, 2011

My first Retraction: The 3 Club are A-Ok!

There comes a time in every writers (?) life where they must man up and admit they are mistaken.

Yesterday I blogged about how upset I was with The 3 Club over my "rejection letter". I was not, as it seemed, rejected based on my athletic prowess. It was a case of my misreading an email, and jumping to conclusions.

So, I received a call today whilst at my desk diligently working. It was punch-out time, but I called back.

It was The 3 Club! Apparently, they read what I wrote. Now that means one of 3 things:

a) Kuwait is REALLY small and someone who knows someone who knows someone at The 3 Club read it and told them.

b) I'm very good at picking key words or am really good at writing.

c) The 3 Club have Twitter.

I'm guessing its a mixture of a & c!

So, my caller was very quick to reassure me that I was not rejected based on my merits, but on my nationality, as I had apparently enrolled mistakenly into a Kuwaitis only program that had nothing to do with triathlons.

Boy is my face red.

Now, she was not upset at the post, nor did she ask me to remove it, I did so of my own accord.

The 3 Club have amazing PR, and incredible interpersonal skills.

I was wrong about them. Entirely.

I have been invited to tour their facility on thursday. One more homage to their customer relations.

Glad to know companies in Kuwait REALLY CARE about what people have to say, even if they are, misinformed.

ALTHOUGH, I stick by my comment of the picture; it really is 25MB large, and can so easily be made into a much smaller JPG.

Other than that, I apologise to The 3 Club.

Keep up the great work!

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