Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are you a Flasher or a Honker?

Before we jump to conclusions, yes, this is a PG Blog, worry not dear readers.

The statement is merely a euphemism for Driving in Kuwait!

 Honking, Above.

Flashing, to the right.

I'm more of a flasher myself, I detest the noise of the horn, it really is quite annoying! The highlights on the other hand are efficient, cause less pollution, and overall, are easier on the arm!

However, there are times that warrant honks. And some people are quite, insulted if you honk at them, they take it personally. I have met such people. You honk at them to make them aware that they are driving recklessly (my case a guy was trying to rush from behind me to my right, and I was signaling right), they take it as an insult, and then start cutting you off. Been there, done that.

Highlights also! Try driving down one of the Ring Roads on the left-lane, you are bound to find a slow poke in the fast lane, hit them with a few highlights, and they persistently stay in the lane, not only that, but they turn on their left signal, meaning go around.

I used to have a habit of, when it suited me, to let people pass, knowing full well that there was someone a bit ahead of me, then the minute I take the middle lane, speed up, and box said car inside. Effective, yes?

So, which are you?


Shelsalfa? said...

i dont have the license yet :(

NEXT FEB A9ER 18 woooooot woooot =p

Lost b2amreeka. said...

mainly flasher, only honk when necessary.

people in kuwait are only this reckless because everybody thinks they're Schumacher and basically they are just guys with big ego's that won't take it to have a girl honk or flash at them cuz god forbid, misakeen yaksiroon 5a6ry. and girls that are too busy applying lipstick and staring at themselves in the rear view mirror rather than actually driving 3adil.

hence the percentage of deaths a year by car accidents in Kuwait.

LorD AymZ said...


good luck! what'll u be when u get it tho?


too true; its not just a sexist thing, its an ego thing. like "how dare u honk/flash me?!" hence the percentage of deaths. as for the lipstick, seen it! drove into a parking lot once, crossed a lady applying it, by the time i drove around, found a spot (big place), parked, got out, she was passing by and, guess what? Still applying! Bubble-gum pink too =/

driving is a privilege, and its all about manners. if someone cuts you off and u feel angered, just do something nice for someone, trust me, quells the anger completely.

Lost b2amreeka. said...

eee! wallah dude marra wa7ed kbeer akbar min ubooy raasa kella shaib laf 3alay so drastically elli if i wasn't paying attention and didn't know how to react 3adil chan dash eb sayarty w 9ob my lil bro ba3ad! I got so angry I honked at him for like 5 mins :P which apparently amused him and he started sleeping 3ala sayarty :P LOL. anyway yeah, and he followed me home!!!! After someone pisses me off on the road i tend to just SPEED to get away from them. Bas hal khayis laa he was having the time of his life follow me home. I pulled into my freej and put my phone to my ear and then he sped off. bil fireej. with lil kids around.

LOL ok now I see that my little anecdote/rant ma kan laha da3y. but yeah. Gist is, kuwaiti drivers suck, period. Khayseen.

LorD AymZ said...

wow, similar thing happened to me too; one time my dad was driving and there was this dude infront of us, and a bus infront of him, he tries to overtake the bus, fails, and then tries to cut in infront of us, when my dad wouldnt let him, he starts honking wildly and still tries to force his way in. it was a small road, so i could see directly into his car (me being passenger), he was a shaikh, with a white beard and a monaqaba wife as well in the car!

but then later, lol, i saw another old man driving a, H3!

Lost b2amreeka. said...

that's Kuwait for ya! LOL aham shay ennah shaikh who preaches about all that is good and holy is that impatient -.-

ya7laila elli bel H3.

ana yaddy yabi "merzeedeez" bs im sure if he had to pick one out from a bunch of cars he wouldn't know the diff.

LorD AymZ said...

the problem with cars is someone will always have one that is bigger, so menshan neshtery ra7et el bal, buy a big-rig, the 18 wheels, no one will dare trouble you!

or the next best thing; an Armada/ Seqoia/ H2.

Lost b2amreeka. said...

i wanted a Yukon or a Tahoe. Father doesn't believe in big cars for girls. I tried to play the "ma7ad y2atheeny bel shaari3" card but it didn't work :( oh well. sucks for me.

this is very off topic but DAMNNNN A KUWAITI WOMAN WAS JST PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED right out of where I live. 6ageenha w baygeen floos'ha w her iPhone apparently. Suspect is described as "black man with black mask imbayin min 3yoona hes a black dude" my lil brothers words, not mine.

my bro the gossip queen just told me, i just had to share my shock. I wonder if they'll rub this off as another hate crime that will be crossed off the lists because of "islamophobia" mmm...

LorD AymZ said...

if u want, i'll sign a petition for your dad to see to get you a Yukon (my fav is the Avalanche tho!)

they also just arrested a Jewish man for hate crimes in the US, 4 dead victims, but they didnt say what creed they were. care to guess?

Carlos Mencia, back when he was funny, said it best; America has a game of tag, african americans were blamed for everything (watch dave chappelle's skits), now, the tagged the arabs.

they're probably gonna say suspect was seen fleeing into a nearby mosque at the call for prayer time.

7asbeyah allah w'n3ma elwakeel.

Lost b2amreeka. said...

ee i love the avalanche, but I didn't even bother bringing that up cuz etha big car isn't allowed im sure big wanait was outa the picture ;p

ugh wai3 wallah it's getting ridiculous. bas what can we do about it? Nada. what's saddening is that hal sha3b is so ignorant lai daraja they don't even know that their government is even controlling their minds! Misakeen wallah 9ij yaksiroon kha6ry. We may not come from countries with liberal presidents, but we are, however, able to see the truth as it is.


LorD AymZ said...

i read that on ur blog, way to pick up on the hidden truths; its a cattle mentality, go with the flow :P

kudos on pointing that out!

Lost b2amreeka. said...

LOL, thank you thank you *curtsies*

LOL ah funny that I ran into cattle today.

LorD AymZ said...

did you see that vid on youtube where ppl there couldnt even tell on a map where other countries were? they seem to think the world is shaped like the USA, and pointed "somewhere south" when asked where vietnam was.

they need education, and FAST.

Lost b2amreeka. said...

OMG LOL NO. wow. wow. wow.

it's funny wallah.


ee as of yesterday ya3ny!