Saturday, August 14, 2010

A strange incident at the supermarket

It is a usual occurence for one at the supermarket, when receiving change, to ask for a different bill than the one give.

At times, the bills are tattered and beyond spending, stuck together with more celotape than paper, barely recognisable as a medium of exchange. It happens. It is not a matter of self-importance, only that you will face trouble trying to spend that bill later on when some holier-than-thou clerk will eventually refuse it, thereby embarassing you.

But, the frosting on the cake happened today at the supermarket opposite Hawalli Park. A local, I assume he is a local by his dialect and fashion sense, I never really could tell the difference between the Gulf State dwellers, gave the clerk a 10KD note, and upon receiving his change, asked for the following to be exchanged for one in more "mint-condition"....

Wait for it..

What possible denominations could he have received? Lets see, quarter, half, one, five. Right? Those are the currencies we would usually ask to have exchanged, mind you I have rarely seen a tattered five, so its always the small three that get rejected as they are the most circulated.

My answer is neither. The man ACTUALLY had the AUCDACITY to request a change of,, 5fils..

Can you believe it? 5fils? I usually just leave them on the counter, or throw them in the car, they are WORTHLESS, roughly equivalent to 1cent/eurocent/pence.

What is the world coming to? And lets not start with "its his right", I'm saying he is arguing about the SMALLEST denomination of coin avaiable in Kuwait. On its own, it can buy NOTHING.

The Ministry axed the 1fils coin, its high time they did the same to the 5fils one.

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M7md Ghazi said...

I hate coins :D ,, thanks for sharing the story
great blog so keep it up