Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Customer Satisfaction - Pizza-2-Go know it

Finally, someone understands the concept of customer satisfaction!

Here I am sitting at work, attending a training session, and wondering what to have for lunch. We decided earlier on Pizza and were going to go with Domino’s, but I suggested Pizza-2-Go (for obvious cost-saving reasons in that they have a 2-for-1 special all week, unlike Domino’s who only do that on Monday, bastards).

So, I sat down with my posse and we started dissecting the menu to see what we will be having for lunch. Unfortunately, they don’t have buffalo wings :(

I made a note of my overly large order (keep in mind we’re 12 hungry heffers), and took to the phone to place it.

(PS the pic was pitch black but I found a nifty prog that does photo edits!)

Please bear in mind that to this date, Papa Johns do not deliver all over Kuwait! Despite their being in the market for quite some time, they do not deliver to Shuwaikh.

Back to the topic; the guy on the other side was extremely pleasant, and joked about the abundance of spice-heavy pizza’s in the order. We took two of their economic meals along with a few extras. Overall, we’d ordered 4 large pizzas + 2 medium, 4 pastas + 2 bolognese and 1 fettucini, 2 orders of wedges and garlic bread, 2 cokes, + 2 Caesar salads and 2 regular salads. The grand total was KD29.750, well within the daily budget.

Now the order has been made, and I asked for a one o’clock delivery. They called up to verify my address, again, a pleasant voice on the phone, courteous and polite.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the following message on my phone a while later:

“Sir, again this is pizza 2 go reggai we send you extra 2 bottle sprite and 1 slice of cake for you. Thank you”

Now if that is not customer satisfaction, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS!

They are downstairs as we speak, and my mouth is watering.

Courtesy of KuwaitPaperDump, here is the menu. Do enjoy the pizza, it is light, and will not leave you feeling stuffed, unless ofcourse you stuff yourself, then you will be stuffed.


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