Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What ever became of The Street Sharks?

I grew up in Kuwait. The only form of English television available back when satelites did not cost an arm and a leg was KTV2, a rather odd channel that ran only from 2pm to 1am.

That channel introduced me to many different cartoons, much to which I owe my English language, as it explains how even though I went to an English School, my accent is American (blame the media!).

So, one of the many wonders this channel introduced me to was The Street Sharks, to those of you who do not remember them, here they are:

A rather blatant rip-off of the Teenage Mutant Ninja (later hero as Ninja was deemed too violent) Turtles, this series ran for 3 seasons, and I was so infatuated by it that I went out and got one of their action figures on my birthday! (Top left one, the leader! My younger brother, who shares my birthday, got the one with the roller blades; they were quite fascinating, the shark part was made of rubber, and the teeth glowed in the dark, plus their jaws moved!)

So here I am, a couple of odd years later, and I am wondering, what ever became of The Street Sharks?

I was checking out the arcade area of a shopping mall when I came across this:

The poor sods, even Sharks were not spared from the economic crisis, and are forced to moonlight as "whack-a-sharks" at the arcade to make ends meet.

Economics, affects all species.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME! The Street Sharks Still alive!