Thursday, September 09, 2010

Travel Ban on 29,000 Kuwaitis


 More than 29,000 Kuwaiti citizens (2.9% of the Kuwaiti population) are currently banned from traveling outside Kuwait due to non-payment of outstanding debts, according to a senior Ministry of Justice official. "Thirteen thousand of the citizens facing travel bans have debts ranging between KD 100 and KD 2,000," said Ali Al-Dhubaibi, the head of the Ministry of Justice's implementation department.

The total owed by those banned from travel currently stands at KD 526 million, which includes unpaid alimony, outstanding bills for state services and loans that were defaulted on, he told Al-Qabas. Al-Dhubaibi also revealed that the number of Kuwaitis taking out loans for consumer goods has risen steadily, saying that this negative habit is leading more and more citizens to fall into debt.

So, to all expats living in Kuwait, a word of warning. Heed the evil that is credit cards, be weary of outstanding debt, before going on vacation, check with the Ministries Complex and ensure that none of the companies to which you owe money has filed a complaint against you for non-payment. Companies are now wily, and do not inform the customer before going to court, leaving it as a surprise.

Remember Nicholas Warner's story.


Lost b2amreeka. said...


Kuwaitis (and excuse my generalization) are stupid.

They think that the government will run along on its white horse in its shining armor and save their asses from these debts.

No actually, scratch that.

They don't just think it. They expect it from the government.

LorD AymZ said...

i think they call it, "cradle-to-grave" benefits,
ive seen peeps take out loans to go on holiday.. thats just wrong

Anonymous said...

A7san let them take responsibility for their actions! y3ni do they think money grows on trees??
I blame the parents for spoiling their kids. People live beyond their means in this country! Jad wallah put your kids in summer jobs when they turn 16 and let them spend the money they earn. Hence, they'll (hopefully) learn to use it wisely.

Ughh I get really annoyed that a. they do shit in school, b. they easily get into uni and c. spend their summer on holidays they can't afford (hence the loan). While I have to work my ass off spending my summer watching kids and actually working in school to earn a decent living in the near future so I don't end up a bum with a huge loan under my name.

Plus, my dad would kill me if I ever apply for one , not literally but rightly so!

Ohhh and the funniest thing is that they want the interest to be dropped because its haram. Yet they don't see that they were involved in the haram?? They weren't forced to take a loan or did everyone suddenly become religious?

Ubaih sry ktabt essay. Arguing is a passion of mine ;p

LorD AymZ said...

your arguments are most welcome here :)

think about it, if they worked for a living, as opposed to borrowing, how would they afford that flashy Ferarri at age 22?

lol, bare in mind that Greece had the same mentality, look where that got it.